About Eric



For years I pined about publishing a novel but complained about never having the time to do it. This blog will be the fire I sorely need under my derriere to reach my goal of becoming an author.

This won’t only be a space to track my drafting progress or to share the shorter work I’ve never had the courage to circulate. It will also be a platform to examine my journey through the art of writing.

But having said that, the blog won’t be about me. It will be about the characters I create and the choices they make. It will be about the craft of writing itself. I want readers to remember my stories as opposed to my name.

But if my name does happen to linger in your mind and in case you’re wondering, here’s a little bit about me: I am a Canuck currently living in Belgium. I am a single-parent to an eight-year old task master who gets jealous of my laptop, so writing comes second to her. Oh, and I have an MA in Professional Writing from Falmouth University. In short, I’m a pretty normal guy with a rampant imagination.

I hope you enjoy what I post here. I will stay true to my genre (Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Horror). Most importantly, I will strive to entertain. I am always open for feedback and discussion. I want to learn and to grow here.

So without any further rambling, let’s get started.

Your humble writer,

Eric Poirier

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